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Dear friends,

Best wishes to candidates appearing for CBLR’18 Oral Exam to be conducted on 24th and 25th of November 2020.

You have cleared one of the toughest online exam and now become eligible to appear for oral test. During online exam, no one was there to monitor you and you were able to select answers quietly within given time line. But oral test will be totally different and you need to equip yourself accordingly.

Duration of the oral test will be about 15 to 20 minutes and on an average approx. 10 to 15 questions including supplementary questions will be asked by the panelists.

As you may know, all the panelists are top most officials of Customs and you need to prepare such way to prove yourself. In oral tests, panelists will throw questions, any of their choice from Customs Law and procedures & allied Acts. If you are presently working in a Customs Broker firm then you may expect few questions from your area of work profile and related to commodities your CB firm is dealing with.

Sometimes panelists will say some commodity name & will ask you to find out HSN code from the Customs Tariff Book kept in front of you. Hence be familiar to find out HSN especially with important chapters like machinery, automobile, plastics and chemicals etc. You need to be 100% strong with Customs Broker obligations including KYC requirements and be thorough enough of CBLR18 which is holy book for a Customs Broker. Do not forget to be updated with latest faceless assessment and CAROTAR’20 procedures. At present this is the key to check whether a candidate is up to date in practical or only bookish.

The candidates are expected to give content rich and meaningful answers hence do not limit yourself to give only one word answer hence give little elaborate answer when required. At the same time, If you do not know the answer to a particular question, do not give wrong answer and do not try to explain too much like an argument, to establish your side. Instead of that you can politely ask for another question. No one is 100% perfect and not expected to know everything in Customs Law and procedures. If you are not able to answer one or two questions, do not get panic.

Oral tests are unstructured but answers should be structured and to the point. If you are very familiar about a particular question prove yourself to establish but do not give too lengthy answers.

Right from knocking the door to leaving the interview hall, behave humbly and maintain good eye contact to the panelist to whom who are answering. When supplementary question is asked by another panelist in the same topic then turn your face and answer to the respective panelists i.e Do not fix your face position to only one panelist. Turn your face and answer to respective panelists.

Due to Covid 19 spread, wear face mask without fail and do not try to shake hand of the panelists. Normally sufficient distance will be kept with broader table to avoid physical contacts but now due to Covid 19 pandemic social distance become mandatory and don’t try to move nearby panelists.

Do not give any personal appeals and do not try to convince panelists for selection which will not be entertained and such behavior will cause harm. Finally, CB license is given to entrepreneurs hence right from your dressing to answering the questions, everything must be like a budding businessmen.

Again all the best for your success !!!

With regards

Rajesh A

Date: 22.11.2020

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